A Gay Man's Reviews On A Genre Dominated by Women!

Requests From Authors

It’s always flattering to receive requests from Authors to read and review their books. However, the sheer number of requests I receive makes it impossible for me to review them all. That said, I feel it is important to stress that I have my preferences when it comes to M/M fiction, so Authors should be aware of this before sending a request.

I am not a fan of gratuitous sex in my fiction. By this I mean books where sex is the predominant theme. Sex scenes are fine just as long as they don’t dominate the plot. I am not a fan of BDSM themes or books that showcase infidelity or promiscuity. I understand these books are hugely popular in the genre, they are simply not my personal preference. Threesomes and orgies are also not to my liking.

First and foremost, I read books for enjoyment, so naturally, the subject matter must be to my taste! I particularly enjoy contemporary and romantic fiction as well as paranormal themes.

I respectfully ask that Authors only send requests for reviews if they believe I will be interested in the subject matter of their books. Ignoring this request is akin to asking a vegetarian to rate a prime rib dinner. It’s just not practical.

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