A Gay Man's Reviews On A Genre Dominated by Women!

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One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes. The same principle can be applied to books. We all have out tastes and preferences, and this blog allows me to express my thoughts and opinions on a genre that has puzzled me for quite some time! What exactly is M/M Romance and why are most Authors and Readers of this genre predominantly women? The answer that most people agree on is simple – Eroticism! M/M romance allows women to indulge in their innermost fantasies of men being intimate with other men, not unlike the stereotypical attraction that straight men have for girl on girl porn. Gay sex seems to be the mainstay of most M/M romance books, which for me, as a gay reader, is somewhat disappointing.

There are lots of great books out there, but it soon becomes apparent that many are simply a catalogue of gay sexual encounters with a backstory interwoven to make the trysts flow from one scene to another. Unfortunately, I think many Authors and publishers have given the genre a unfair reputation. Most book stores shelve all M/M romance books under their “erotica” or “adult” sections, despite the fact that some of those books may not even include nudity, let alone sex. The inclusion of so much sex in M/M books has made it difficult to define whether or not the books in this genre are actually gay fiction or a sub-genre of erotica, written by women, for women!

The market has become so consumed with titillation that the entire genre has become pigeon-holed into one big kinky group, despite the fact that there are many books that have absolutely no sex in them at all. Many authors write wonderful stories where the protagonists just happen to be gay. Yes, some of these books may include intimacy on some level, but they are in no way similar to the overwhelming array of erotica that has flooded the market and generalized the genre so broadly.

The truth is, eroticism has ruined the diversity of the genre and makes it practically impossible to know exactly what you’re going to get based solely on a book cover and it’s blurb. If, like me, blatant eroticism isn’t your thing, it really is a matter of hit and miss when choosing titles. I have nothing against sex scenes in books and I enjoy them as much as anyone else, but I always prefer good characters and a great plot over sexual practices. Unfortunately, many authors provide ample sex with very little plot and one dimensional characters. Almost anything I read that includes orgies, threesomes, casual hookups, infidelity and BDSM will most likely be tossed in the trash, so don’t be too surprised if my reviews of books with this kind of content are not very complimentary!

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  1. Dave

    Hi Graham. I have just stumbled upon your blog through your link in goodreads. It appears from your to read/have read list that we have several book choices in common. I will come back tour blog regularly to read your reviews. There are a few authors on my list who do not appear on yours.Marie Sexton did a good series of books set in Colarado (the coda series) And Harper Fox writes some good novels too. All the best and happy reading Dave.

    June 14, 2012 at 8:35 am

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