A Gay Man's Reviews On A Genre Dominated by Women!

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Author – R J Scott

Pages – 256

Blurb – Kieran Addison, in his teens falls in love with his brothers boyfriend, so he runs away to another country to bury himself in a career so he can forget. When his brother is killed in a car accident Kieran comes back briefly for the funeral, but then leaves almost immediately, emotions too raw to face Jordan Salter. It’s only when his father becomes Ill, and his sister begs him to come home, does Kieran return for good. However he finds a business almost bankrupt and Jordan, the man he loves, broken. A shell of the man he used to be, beaten down by despair over the business and guilt over Brad’s death, a death he blames himself for. The journey Kieran and Jordan take, building a friendship, and repairing the busness, while exploring how they feel about each other, is a journey filled with decisions and revealed secrets. Can Kieran and Jordan finally see what could be between them after all these years?

My Review – I thoroughly enjoyed this book can’t praise it enough. This was everything a great book should be, and more. The story was engaging and the characters jumped out of the pages as if they were flesh and blood. This was so much better than a general M/M Romance book – This had substance, depth and realism. Kieran and Jordan were flawed men, each tormented by guilt and regret. Unlike many books in this genre, the protagonists didn’t fall into bed at the first opportunity and their relationship started off rocky, but gradually grew into something far greater than either of them could have imagined. The family business and the supporting characters added charm and realism. This is a perfect story of two men coming to terms with angst ridden pasts, and blossoming together to become better people. First and foremost, this was a genuine story, written to absorb and entertain the reader. The two male leads just happened to be gay and the book wasn’t defined by their sexuality. It would have been equally absorbing had the characters been male and female. It’s such a refreshing change to find a well written book in this genre that does more than merely arouse the reader, and it’s one I will definitely read again. Drama, angst, tension, desire, passion, corruption and love! This book had everything, in abundance. I loved it!


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